Walsh & Dearden - About Us

The firm was started as a part time enterprise in 1963 by Frank Dearden, Ian Dearden (Frank’s son) and Brian Walsh. It went full time in 1969 initially just Ian and Brian, with Frank joining in 1971. Frank and Brian had worked for Brian’s father, the haulage contractor Joe Walsh. Frank and Brian brought with them a background of general haulage, while Ian had just finished as an apprentice building Atkinson’s at their plant in Preston. The company initially had its roots in general haulage, mainly working for the ICI plant that was situated in Darwen. The vehicle dismantling side of the firm grew with Ian reconditioning transmissions and engines. The company expanded to the point that it outgrew its site at Bull Hill in Darwen.

So in 1976 we moved to our current site on Sough Rd. The dismantling side if the company grew until it was the major part of what Walsh and Dearden were doing. Ian’s son Keith Dearden joined the company in 1991. In 1992 as Frank retired we stopped doing haulage and concentrated on dismantling/exporting and reconditioning. Ian and Brian parted company in 1996.

Ian and Keith have been expanding the company ever since exporting parts and complete vehicles to over 30 countries and selling parts and reconditioned units to owner drivers and multi nationals.